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Re: NEHRP News

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The agencies involved are all the same as before. Their roles have shifted somewhat.

You can read about all of the issues related to the reauthorization at:

Mike Mahoney at FEMA did a great job managing the effort to this point. I am not sure how it will work for the people in the trenches developing the Provisions with NIST as the lead agency. I am happy as long as BSSC still drives the bus. BSSC (which is a creation of NIBS) has done the heavy lifting.

Harold Sprague

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Some of you code gurus may already know this but I just read that Congress
has approved (and the President signed) H.R. 2608 which continues the NEHRP
program through 2009. However, the lead agency is being transferred from FEMA to

Was there a reason given for transferring it to NIST?  FEMA seems to be one
of the few (if not the only) government agency that puts out well written

As far as I can tell nobody knows the purpose of NIST,  not even the people
that work there.

Gail Kelley

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