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Re: Off Topic - An engineer probably should know this, but I don't

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Some of the fire place inserts are designed to be more efficent in keeping the heat in the house with the closed ( insert) system rather than allowing the heat of the house to be drawn up and escape with the smoke and gases of an open fire.  I have found ( not with an insert but with a stand alone) that when the fire is close to the glass the heat of the flames tend to keep the glass cleaner, less chance for the soot to build up.  You still did not get that "ski lodge" open flame  view but  you did know when it was time to put another log on the fire.  
For what is is worth,  It's - 20 C here in Montreal today.   (-37 C with the wind)
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Subject: Off Topic - An engineer probably should know this, but I don't

Maybe some of you northern, snow bound engineers can answer this for me.  I bought a house last year that has a fireplace insert.  When I moved in the glass windows were black with carbon.  The fireplace, not the whole house :o)  I cleaned them off.  But now when I have a fire they blacken up again.  How can I keep them clean?  I think it must have something to do with the air flow, but I?ve tried adjusting the louvers and I still get black windows.  It?s not as enjoyable watching a black window with a slight orange glow as it is a real fire!




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