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Re: OT Email management

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Hans E Boge wrote:

Anyone have an email management system, so that sent and received emails can be viewed and automatically sent to specific job files electronically.


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That's typically "built in" to whatever email client you're using--and most of them do that just fine.

However, if you want to do "fancier" stuff, you'll need to be able to "control" your email system. For example, I host my own email server here at my SOHO, using Linux. I use PROCMAIL ( to sort incoming email as well as filter out spam. It does have the capacity to send messages (or even better, COPIES of messages) to other files if you like. It's very powerful and versatile, but I'm able to use it because I have full control over my email service.

If you don't have such control (e.g. you are using a "hosting service") you may still have access to something like PROCMAIL. You'll have to work along with your hosting company.

If you have any specific questions feel free to email me privately (since this is, after all, OT).

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