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Deflection criteria for veneer support

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Hello all,

The 2003 IBC references the ACI 530, which states in 1.10.1: "Deflection of
beams and lintels due to dead plus live loads shall not exceed the lesser
of l/600 or 0.3 inches when providing vertical support to masonry designed
in accordance with Section 2.2 or Chapter 5."

This is a significant departure from the previous UBC requirements of
designing to l/600.

I have discussed this issue with people very knowledgeable about masonry
and they said that there have been some cases recently where veneer has
cracked due to deflection.

Still, the deflection criteria of 0.3 inches seems excessively strict for
long beams.  (For a 30' long beam, the you would be required to design for
less than l/1200.)

Has anyone had any experience with the new deflection criteria in the 2003
IBC for the support of brick veneer?  Has this "0.3 inch" requirement been

Mark J. Redlinger, SE

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