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RE: Brick veneer on PreEngineered Metal Building

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Refer to ACI 530.1, “Cold-formed steel …. minimum base metal thickness of 0.043. (18 ga.)  The wall panel is probably only 24 ga.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 11:09 PM
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Subject: Brick veneer on
PreEngineered Metal Building


I have had a request to design a foundation for a PEMB that will have metal siding now, with the potential for a brick veneer in the future.  The owner would like a brick shelf on the foundation, below the grade line for the future brick.


When I asked how the brick was going to be supported I was told they screw wall ties into the metal panel and build the walls.  The eave height of the building is 28 feet.


My apprehension is the metal panel wall system is not stiff enough to support the masonry veneer.  A wall panel supported by girts at 7 ft. on center, spanning between rigid frames at 26 feet on center doesn’t seem like a good backup.  I know BIA recommends a metal stud backup with a stiffness to limit deflection to H/600.  I looked in chapter 6 of ACI 530.  They state (Section 6.2.1 (b)) “the out of plane deflection of the backing shall be limited to maintain veneer stability”.  They do not give the H/600 requirement, although the commentary uses the BIA tech note as a reference to “generally followed recommendations in current use”.


I was told this is common practice.  Now I know just because it is common practice doesn’t mean it is right.  I would like to know what common design recommendations should be made to the steel design and wall system to provide an adequate stiff backup in the future.





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