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Shear values for stucco

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Here is another little question for you southwest structural engineers.


Most of my custom residential work was in the north country where there was a lot of snow and a seismic zone 3 (in the old UBC).  Stucco was never used as a finish material or at least seldom where I was located.


Last weekend my wife and I were driving some roads in our area looking for some ground to buy to build a house in the future.  We drove though a new “cookie cutter” subdivision when I noticed some homes ready to stucco, but the gable end trusses had not been sheathed, so I’m assuming the stucco would be applied directly without plywood backing.  Another engineer in our office (one of those civil types) said “Oh yea, they either use diagonal braces or the stucco for shear”.  With all my posts the last few days on prescriptive methods and residential work I swallowed hard thinking “Oh boy here is another cheap method for me to try to swallow”.


I know there are shear values for gypsum sheathing and portland cement plaster, but is this stucco finish used in the southwest the same as portland cement plaster, and if not, what are the shear values for this finish if any?



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