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RE: Wood Frame Construction Manual

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I agree that it’s confusing.  They’re trying to say you can just take the outermost dimensions and treat it as a big box for wind loads – sounds like the good old (UBC) projected area method.  I don’t think it’s supposed to be anymore whiz-bang than that.  But it gets more obscure, because you have to apply that conclusion to prescriptive wall sheathing tables.  Do you then only apply sheathing to the walls that touch the “inscribed” perimeter??   I think you have to check your standard engineering mind at the door to really get into it. 


With proper computer standardization available to us, I think all these “prescriptive” and “simplified” things where you look up stuff in tables is outdated.


Ed Tornberg

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Does anyone out there in engineering land have experience using the “Wood Frame Construction Manual” for residential design, especially for lateral desing?  I have some slack time at work, so I have been trying to figure out the manual to see if it may help with work in the residential design area.


At the moment I am looking at the requirement for offset shear wall lines being greater than 4’.  On page 108 there is an exception for this 4’ offset requirement which would generally make the structure non-conforming to the prescriptive method.  Part of the exception states, “For wind design, the structure shall be permitted to be designed as a rectangular structure with perimeter dimensions which inscribe the total structure (see Figure 3.1b)”.  Figure 3.1b shows two options.  At first glance, I kind of understand how “Option 1, Separate Structures” would work with the manual, but “Option 2” is not readily apparent to me.  I found an example for the first option, but not for the second option.  Does anyone have an example for the second option that they would like to share?



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