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RE: filling CMU hole

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Andrew –


That “someone” was me.


Plywood forms and pressure injecting grout are fine. I was thinking along those lines. I believe it should be some form of a non-shrink grout. A specific product recommendation would be nice.


With regards to dowels, I think that might be tough. The biggest hole that is going to be cut is 16”x16”. Some of them are going to be as small as 10”w x 16” tall; maybe 6” wide. I don’t see how you can drill a hole for a dowel in that small of a space and, if you could, I would question the effectiveness of such a dowel.


Also, I am curious if it would effective to bush hammer the face of the sawcut and/or apply some form of bonding agent which would improve the shear transfer between the plug and the wall.


Thanks for your reply.


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Someone asked about filling a hole in a CMU wall. Maybe I don't understand something, but why not plywood form both sides, pop a hole above, and pump with grout? Even if it is solid grouted you could dowel a couple bars into the sides and top and use a port and pressure grout it...


Andrew Kester, PE

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