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Reinforcement by Steel In R.C.C. Construction

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Indian Association of Structural Engineers
( Gujarat State Centre )
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Date : 21-1-2005

 Dear All,

Sub :  Reinforcement by Steel In R.C.C. Construction :

Reinforcement by steel bars (Rebar) is an integral material in Reinforced
Cement Concrete (R.C.C.) construction.  The rebar share strength, ductility
and durability of R.C.C. construction.

The rebar are of two types : Mild steel or medium tensile steel bars IS:432
(ms) and High strength deformed steel bars (IS:1786). Concrete in R.C.C.
construction is brittle. It is well known that concrete of high compressive
strength is more brittle. But the elements in structure have to be ductile,
more so in earthquake zones. The section ductility is provided by the steel
both in flexure and shear. Therefore ductility is equally important as
strength if not more. This aspect is often not given due attention during

It has been found in the research reports that peak strains in concrete and
steel are nearly the same namely about 0.003. The ductility requirement
emphasis that the member should not fail in steel which should continue to
provide the ductility. Two margins are provided to meet this requirement
namely reduced capacity than that at yield or 0.2% proof stress and a
minimum elongation on failure.  For due protection under overload condition
reserve strength is provided over yield or 0.2% proof stress. This margin
requirement is sometime over looked.

 The meeting was organised for discussions on the above mentioned topics.
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Bhavin Shah
Hon. Secretary
Indian Association of Structural Engineers, Gujarat Centre

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