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Re: Canopy Roofs

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Andy Richardson wrote:

I went to a presentation a few months ago held by Grad Students at Clemson University. One of the topics was the research being done on canopies, particularly the kind at gas stations. The research included field investigations in Florida after Charley, etc. They discussed how these types of structures react differently to wind load due to their flexibility and also their flat shape. They also showed pictures of the failure - typically at base of the steel column. Aside from the possibility of the wind loads being underestimated, the failures were also attributed to rust at the base of the column, and also installation and fabrication issues. Apparently, they will continue to work on this research…

I think this is one reason that, for cantilever (or single-column) highway signs, many of the DOTs prefer an "ungrouted" base place with the base supported on the anchor bolts, allowing any condensation to escape through the open, annular base plate.

Also, the latest "sign code" from AASHTO requires consideration of fatigue in such columns.

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