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RE: arched roof wind theory

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Understood...for some reason I had not gotten the original message and
your message did not have it copied in it.  I chaulk it up to more
"quirks" of the SEAINT email list.

FWIW, Note 4 of Figure 6-8 refers the user to Figure 6-11 with some
specifics of what to use and some reduction factors for using the Figure
6-11 coefficients with Arched roofs.  Figure 6-11 is a C&C figure, so the
coefficients are to be used in C&C calculations.  Thus, in ASCE 7-02, you
would treat an arched roof building just as any other...pick MWFRS or C&C
depending on the element/item in question and it associated trib area.


Ardian, MI

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, akester wrote:

> Scott:
> That wasn't my statement or interpretation on ASCE 7, that was whomever that started the string. According to him, ASCE says use MWFRS loads with a reduction factor. IF this is the way ASCE says to do it, there must be SOME logical reasoning behind it.
> I don't have ASCE 7 at home to review, but my idea was that NORMALLY C + C loads are higher because of localized increases in pressure over smaller tributary areas. Perhaps the old research showed that due to the shape of arched roofs, small localized pressures were not higher then larger average pressures, such that a clear line could not be drawn between C and C and MWFRS (as with the 700sf rule). Otherwise, of course, all the normal rules that you explained apply, which is what we are all accustomed to.
> However, I don't have the book in front of me, nor do I know the thought process and research behind all of the ASCE tables. Just an "explanation theory" ....
> Andrew Kester, PE
> Structural Engineering Consultant
> Lake Mary, FL

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