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Re: Welding Stainless Steel

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On Jan 26, 2005, at 6:41 AM, Jim Getaz wrote:

		Since no one with knowledge of the details of AWS documents
has responded yet, weld 304L with E308L filler metal. Here are some links,
		If type 304L is joined to carbon steel, use E309L, the
higher fractions of chromium and nickel make the weld mostly stainless, too.
I was going to answer this last night. You want to be careful about just calling out filler metal, if that's what you're doing. The choice of filler metal depeands a great deal on the the circumstances of the weld and the welding process, which will vary between fabricators. If you're fabbing it yourself, use the filler metal covered by your shop procedures. If it's just a drawing call-out, and you don't know who will be doing the fab or where, check with Lincoln Electric <> for basic procedural recommendations, and specify that the weld process meet your approval. Stainless is easy to weld if the shop knows what it's doing, but it's also easy to screw up. Thermal distortion is also a much bigger problem with stainless than carbon steel.

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