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RE: Steel Frame Design

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Yes, Part III was added to the 2003 code as an addendum…probably because of the massive groan from those engineers that still won’t use LRFD J


Eli Grassley

PSM Engineers

Seattle, WA


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Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 1:02 PM
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Subject: RE: Steel Frame Design


My 2003 IBC indicates you can use either part I or part III (ASD) of AISC 341 for seismic design category D.


Matthew O. Hood, E.I.T.

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Subject: Steel Frame Design


I’m looking for a design manual for steel frames that references 2003 IBC/AISC 335 (ASD).  Any recommendations?


The closest thing I can find is “2000 IBC Structural / Seismic Design Manual Volume 3: Steel and Concrete Building Design Examples”, put out by SEAOC.  Is that a revision of their older 97 UBC design manual?  That was a very good manual – I just don’t know how the new one is or what it revises.  I’m an ASD guy who doesn’t do much steel, prefers to keep frames ordinary, limit special inspection to a minimum, etc.


Now that I look at IBC 2205.2, It appears that I can’t use ASD anymore for Seismic Design Cat D anyway.  Is that correct (only Part I of AISC 341)?




Ed Tornberg

Tornberg Consulting, LLC