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Re: Solid blocking between 2x outlookers

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Honles, Thomas wrote:

Solid 2x blocking is necessary to prevent joist rotation. In the case of diaphragm shear transfer through end blocking  to the bearing top plate of a shear wall, I always include a framing clip detail, as I do not rely on toenailing through the blocking.

Best regards,

Thomas Honles, SE, PE
Los Angeles, CA

Usually in this case the issue is not the connection of the outlookers to the plate or the truss, but rather the boundary nailing and shear transfer of the roof diaphragm. If the flat outlookers are installed above a plate line, then there is no real issue of rotation of the outlookers (since they are laid flat) but rather can the diaphragm boundary demand be met by the capacity of the connection of the nailing to the outlookers and I would doubt it. It would be much easier to lay in the outlookers and then add the 2x flat blocking nailed with 16d to the double plate below and eliminating the framing clips while picking up the boundary nailing of the diaphragm.

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