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Re: Solid blocking between 2x outlookers

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Jim Wilson wrote:

The outlookers are capped at both ends with 2x10's,
which at first glance seems like it would restrain
them from rotating.   But now I can't see that being
too effective where they are nailed into the end grain
of the outlooker.  Solid blocking it is!

Eli - valid comment about this not being the place to
skimp on the design.  I have to keep reminding myself
not to put on my contractor hat.


Don't mistake a fascia board for blocking required to maintain a shear transfer. What you are describing is simply for appearance and with appropriate flashing helps to keep moisture from seeping between the roofing, diaphragm and outlookers. However, you are absolutely right - nailing to the end grain of the outlookers is a bad connection. It would have been better to block between the ends of the outlookers and using clips to make the connection of the blocking to the sides or over the surface of the outlookers then the 2x10 can be nailed to the blocking. Don't forget to nail the diaphragm into the blocking as this will hold the fascia in place much tighter. Remember that this is not a shear transfer for simply a connection of a fascia board in order to create a finish on the edge of the roof.

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