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Re: WOOD: Field Splicing

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

I just heard this morning that one can "easily" field-splice dimension lumber by making a sort of "V-joint" and fitting the boards end-to-end to make a longer piece. Then you put a piece of 1x on either side, about four to six feet in lenth centered on the splice and nail it together.

It makes a piece that is "stronger" than the original. "It's in the code," he tells me.

What in blazes is he talking about and where does it spell that out in the building code? ANY building code?

I would be careful of this. It is a site built version of a finger joint that is used in lumber fabrication to join scrap or new growth lumber together in order to create studs. The glues and, I think, microwaving of the lumber makes the connection so that you have a visually graded lumber. I don't think I would attempt this at home :-)


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