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Re: WOOD: Field Splicing

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Garner, Robert wrote:

Actually, that's similar to the way the way they splice on the heads of
certain guitars.  But they make a multiple finger cut with long (relative to
their width) fingers.  I saw this during a tour of the Taylor Guitar factory
here in San Diego (a tour I highly recommend).  They routinely test these as
part of their quality control process and they are typically stronger than
the base material.  I think it has to do with the pressure glueing process.

The code?  '97 UGC I guess (Uniform Guitar Code?)


Bob G.

Good point Bob. I love my 915 that I traded a seismic retrofit for. I got the guitar from Ben Harper while he was still with Taj Mahal and working with his grandfather who owned the Folk Instrument Center in Clarmont California. Who would have figured where Ben would be today. He special ordered my 915 Jumbo from Taylor and I received it at the same time I pulled the permit for the retrofit. His grandfather was an old Russian and a wonderful poet and artist. I spend a lot of time with the family and after I moved to the desert I traveled back with my mother-in-law before Alzheimer's took her. Ben's grandfather (Charles Chase) gave my mother-in-law a book of poems he wrote and she just loved the gift. The store is still there and they now have weekly concerts with some really talented people. I'm not sure how often Ben shows up but he purchased the store after his grandfather died so that he could keep it open and offer it to the community in much the same way that McCabes did in Santa Monica. I just got a copy from the paper about Bob Taylors success. I have not been to the company and should make the trip - I'd like to see Martin as well since I also have a limited edition Orchestra Model OM-28C that my wife gave me on our tenth anniversary in 1980. There were only 89 of these made and they are really sweet sounding.

Sorry - but I had to jump on this off topic as it really appeals to me.

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