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Re: FW: WOOD: Field Splicing

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Why does he need to strengthen the lumber? Aren't the structural members "just carrying a little bit of load" and they're way over-designed? :)

Does he keep the boards under pressure while the glue sets? I may be jumping the gun - you didn't indicate whether he used glue along with this 1x & nails modification.

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>Subject: WOOD: Field Splicing
>I just heard this morning that one can "easily" field-splice dimension
>lumber by making a sort of "V-joint" and fitting the boards end-to-end
>to make a longer piece. Then you put a piece of 1x on either side, about
>four to six feet in lenth centered on the splice and nail it together.
>It makes a piece that is "stronger" than the original. "It's in the
>code," he tells me.
>What in blazes is he talking about and where does it spell that out in
>the building code? ANY building code?
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