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Solid blocking between 2x outlookers

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Jim Wilson wrote:
> WFCM Table 2.2C has a detail of framing requirements
> for gable endwall outlookers.  One note points to
> the
> solid blocking and refers to it as "Required
> blocking."  It does not seem clear if it is saying
> that blocking IS required, or that blocking is to be
> provided as required, as if when designed by an
> engineer.
> And is blocking always just equal in proportion to
> the
> member it is bracing?  i.e. 2x10 blocking for 2x10
> framing, or can smaller pieces be used?
> Thanks,
> Jim Wilson, PE
> Stroudsburg, PA

OK, we all agree that solid blocking is a good thing.  Except my
architect, who points out that he needs some venting and wants me to
omit most of the blocking or drill big (like 6 inch) holes in it.

What is the response to this?  It seems legitimate.  I've seen more
roofs with failed shingles due to heat build-up than I've seen
structural failures due to inadequate blocking.


Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

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