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Re: WOOD: Field Splicing

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On Jan 28, 2005, at 10:42 AM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

In our area the only recourse is to educate the consumer, the home-owner or potential home-owner, and they have to understand that they will be threatened with paying more, etc.
I've said this a hundred time, but trying to make contractors and consumers thank about anything but their immediate cost is an exercise in futility. The people who will benefit from the education are the insurors who actually have to pick up the checks.

Your builder friend is telling you that he's not accountable for proper construction--it's the inspector who tells him what to do. The inspector isn't responsible to anyone either, because he can't be held accountable for defects. In effect you have no one who's responsible, since new construction warranties are meaningless. Looks to me liike residential construction is in the same situation as boiler construction 100 years ago before the advent of boiler codes.
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