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RE: "Flitch" Beam vs. Engineered Wood

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The labor rates in your area must be really low if this is the case.  Or, he
hasn't been constructing proper flitch beams.

Yes, the material price of a pair of LVL's or PSL's might be more than a
pair of 2x's and a steel plate.  But they you have to pay a fabricator to
punch all the holes in the steel, then pay a carpenter to drill matching
holes in the 2x's and bolt everything together.

Unless, of course, his idea of a "flitch" plate is to "punch" holes with a
torch in the field and nail the pieces together.  Or maybe put bolts only at
the ends and center.

Where unions keep the labor rates high most contractors would much rather
use engineered wood than any type of steel.

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> I'm having another 'discussion' with my builder-friend. He claims a
> "flitch" beam is "more economical" than engineered lumber (he has this
> thing about anything but dimensional lumber, for some reason).
> Comments?

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