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Re: Solid blocking between 2x outlookers

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Michael L. Hemstad wrote:

OK, we all agree that solid blocking is a good thing.  Except my
architect, who points out that he needs some venting and wants me to
omit most of the blocking or drill big (like 6 inch) holes in it.

What is the response to this?  It seems legitimate.  I've seen more
roofs with failed shingles due to heat build-up than I've seen
structural failures due to inadequate blocking.


Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

Up in Anchorage, there usually isn't any venting on the gable ends, just eave and ridge venting. If venting is required, could you put a vent in the gable wall above the ceiling or omit every other block between the trusses? Your shear transfer from the roof diaphragm to the wall will be doubled, but you could add clips.

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