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Re: WOOD: Field Splicing

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The Martin 000-28EC was way beyond our meager incomes and overpriced based on the name. Almost any small body 000 series with a wide (finger style) neck will sound outrageous and for a great deal less in price. I'm sorry you had to sell your guitars - this would really tear me apart as well. I am still upset that I traded my 1964 Cherry Red Epiphone Rivera (an original Epiphone) and 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb for two lousy accoustics. Who what have guessed the value of the guitar and amp today for a collector. Still, if you love you guitars, you trade your first born (as long as they are over 13 and typical teens) before your guitar. Besides your dog, where else can you get unconditional love but your guitar 8-)

Bill Polhemus wrote:

Bill Polhemus wrote:

Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:

Good point Bob. I love my 915...

Oh shut up!

I had to sell my 510 and my 355, and I SURELY don't want to hear about anyone with a freakin' 900 series!

Oh, and that's not to mention my Eric Clapton-signature Martin 000-28EC

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