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Re: Misc Comments on Concrete Discoloration

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I did not read this when I started to write you. I was writing to seek your permission to allow me to post it on the Structuralist.Net Professional Blog. In lieu of this information I will not post it unless you give me permission and instruct me as to how you want me to credit it. I don't take credit for others work and there sames to be some question as to whether you want your name associated with it up front. Please let me know as it is good advice and well written and of value to engineers that need this advice. With this said, I would warn you to be careful when releasing this to any Listservice like the SEAINT list as you automatically make this public information. It can be reproduced without your permission (although ethically you would need to be credited as author). The SEAINT List (which I co-founded) went through the issues related to the privacy of the information we posted and found out that once posted to a list (even if it requires subscribers) accessible by the majority of the professional community or any public list, it becomes public information. So for your sake, if you plan on publishing this and protecting your intellectual property rights be careful of releasing this information that may be used without you permission.
I hope you will allow me to post it and I'll wait until you respond.
Best Regards,

GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

Strange as I may seem, I am actually not writing these posts for the sheer fun of seeing my name in print. They are actually excerpts for a book I am writing on slab-on-ground design and construction. Since the book is not yet published, probably the best way to reference the post is just 'Private communication, industry consultant' or 'Private communication, Gail Kelley." To the best of my knowledge what I have posted is correct, or as correct as an awful lot of research can make it. Gail Kelley

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