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Re: Misc Comments on Concrete Discoloration

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GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

It is fine for you to publish this. I realize that once I post it on Seaint or any other forum, it becomes public domain, and someone else could just take it and publish it under their own name. But I don't mind risking that - I am NOT as one person has um, suggested, trying to drum up sales for the book. I have been paid a flat fee, which if I am lucky, will amount to 37 cents an hour. What I am trying to do is just get some feed back on various bits and pieces - I've gotten some good questions / comments from this list, as well as other places. For example, I got one question with respect to efflorescence. The question was whether efflorescence weakens the concrete, which seems possible, since you have stuff coming out of the paste. The answer is really no. The paste is mostly this stuff called calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) which grows together and solidifies the aggregate into a mass. Calcium hydroxide crystals get formed as a bi-product of the cement hydration. If they partially dissolve and re-appear on the surface as efflorscence, it has little effect on the paste. Gail Kelley

Thank you Gail, I appreciate the comments as well.

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