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RE: Proctor Tests - Why

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A question that has not been dicussed is why does a Structural Engineer
need to know the difference between a Modified Proctor test and a reular
Proctor test?

Is the only grading on the project for a small slab on grade and there is
no Geotechnical Engineer on the project?
Is there a Geotechnical Enginner on the project and you are trying to tell
the Geotech how to do his job?
Is there a Geotechnical Engineer on the project and you are checking his

Where there is low risk and the extent of the slab is small or the footing
is interior and lightly loaded I may work without a Geotech.  This reminds
me of a story I heard from a Civil Engineer who went into construction and
was building houses.  At one house he built  the house without a
Geotechnical Engineer.  After the project was completed he came back about
a week later only to find a small landslide on the downhill side that came
to within a foot or two of the foundation.  The point is that even when it
looks simple there may be risk.

Mark Gilligan

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