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RE: OFF TOPIC - SE / PE initials

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That's a good point, and touches on other legal issues that have been
discussed on the list in the past.  My business card does say xxxxx, PE, SE.
I live and work in Missouri where the SE means nothing, so it is ignored.
If I give the card to someone in Illinois, where I'm not licensed as a PE,
am I breaking any law or licensure rule?  I will never attempt to obtain
work as a general civil engineer.  

I'm not licensed in Iowa.  Can I give my card to someone in Iowa?  What if
it's a potential client who works in Iowa, but the project is in Missouri?

My personal opinion is that your title is what it is.  I obtained the
experience and passed the tests required to obtain both "PE" and "SE"
titles, therefore I use them.  I feel that I am not violating ethics rules
unless I attempt to work in a jurisdiction where I am not licensed.  If I'm
in a conference in California I should be able to give my business card to a
potential client whether I'm registered in CA or not.  I should be able to
use the titles on a professional web site that might be viewed by someone
sitting at a computer in Washington or Maine.

And yes, I do realize that this opinion is in direct conflict with several
state laws, such as Texas, where you technically can't use the title
"Engineer" inside the state unless you are registered in the state.  I just
hope that no-one in Texas reads this message and reports me to the
registration board :)

Enough babbling for tonight,

Jason W. Kilgore, PE, SE

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Subject: Re: OFF TOPIC - SE / PE initials

If you are a SE in Illinois and your business card or letterhead has the
Illinois address, you might not be able call yourself xxx, P.E., S.E since
you are not a PE in Illinois.
I guess the same applies, if you are a PE in CA and an SE in Utah (which I
think requires just a SE II exam) you cannot call yourself a xxx P.E., S.E.
since you are misleading the public.
Correct me if I am wrong.
- Aswin

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