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Asking is not disqualifing

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There has been an attempt to disqualify an expert Structural Engineering witness because he is on record asking relative questions on-line. There needs to be a defense developed for all engineers to allow such open questioning. A researching engineer, willing to have an open on-line dialogue, should be the most respected.


A standard-of-care, for engineering design, is not a popular vote by engineers, it does not include code changes made by highly respected engineers or organizations, it is not a code change by the authors of the code.


The code is law and the standard of care by the law makers, by adopting the code . The standard-of-care, for engineering design, is the code wording that has been adopted by our law makers.


Several interpretations of an adopted code may correctly reflect the same wording. This is where open on-line discussions are needed, not closed door meetings. We need discussions exploring if an interpretation contradicts other parts of the adopted code. The law belongs to the public. Because ignorance of the law is not an excuse, the law must be affordable for all, free. Discussions and interpretations must be affordable, free and respectable.


David Merrick, SE