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canopy winds

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You wrote: ......Now,question arise that how many faces shall be applied lateral force =
alongwith vertical force component of wind..i mean only facia or =
internal faces as well ??......
I assume you mean the structure has a fascia with significant depth, and that the soffit or ceiling is sunken? So this is like an upside down parapet? Well I have had similiar situations, and I treated the fascia or parapet like a sign, because in my case the parapet was only about 1-2' wide, but 8+ tall above the flat roof. I thought it prudent to model it as a sign, and I used ASCE 7 wind loads. For an overall lateral analysis I believed I applied this pressure in positive on one side, and the negative value on the opposite parapet. I don't have ASCE 7 at home so I cannot recall if for signs you get +/- pressures that are different, or if it is the same number to be applied +/-. Either way, I would be conservative and put wind on both sides of the canopy laterally.
I am not sure I understand your factored load question, it depends on what code combination you are looking at... I would defer that to someone else on the list once you give a specific unless it is FBC.
Andrew Kester, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
Lake Mary, FL