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Re: one way & two way standard bar cut-off

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Thanks for your advice.I have no copy of ACI manual but our code in the philippines (NSCP C101-01) is also patterned in the ACI. According to the code that the bar cut-off for slab & beams must be greater than the required ld (development length). if you are going to compute manually the bar cut-off, maybe using bending moment diagrams or graphs for moment coefficients & check it for the required development length, the computation is very lenghty. most of the structural engineers (especially the elders) are using alternate bent & straight or two bent one straight bar arrangement for slab. Im trying to use straight bars arrangement since it is easy to fabricate and can save in rebars.
Clint B. Albunian
Civil Engineer
Iloilo City, Philippines

Gil Brock <gil(--nospam--at)> wrote:

If you cannot figure it out from Chapter 13 of ACI, go back to engineering logic and calculate it. If you do, you will quite often find that the deemed to comply information in the code (yes it is a guestimate of something you can calculate easily using normal design rules stated in the code and text books) is actually unconservative.

At 09:09 PM 1/02/2005, you wrote:
hello everybody,
I'm confuse with the standard bar cut-off of one way & two way slab with beams with straight bar reinforcement arrangement. I have read a lot of references, particularly the book of J.G McGregor and I found out that the top bar cut off are the following:
one way slab: L/4 from exterior support & L/3 from interior support (whichever is bigger between the two succesive span)
Is this also applicable for two way slab with beams that have a straight bar arrangement?
Thank you so much.
Civil Engineer
Iloilo City, Philippines

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