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Hello All:
I am looking at Spyware programs such as SpySubtract, Spybot, Spyware Doctor, AVG 7, Lavasoft Panda etc....... What benefits or problems have anyone experienced with similar products ?? Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA

AVG 7.0 is one of the best virus checkers and the software is free if you are not using it in a large commercial practice where you need specific tech support or will be using it on a number of machines. I am currently using the Zone Alarm Security Suite because I needed a good firewall and this one includes a virus checker - so having AVG is redundant. AVG will not catch all of the spyware. For this you need a spyware checker that will catch ActiveX invaders. These are the worms or spyware that cause the greatest amount of problems and will not only track your Internet use, but will redirect your IE browser or cause almost unstoppable pop-up windows. There are a number of Spyware software out there. I am using Webroots Spy Sweeper, but I am disappointed as some it catches some of the worst spyware, but fails to remove it.

I've found a way to reduce the threat of Spyware - stop using or allowing the use of ActiveX controls over the Internet. Mozilla software has done just this and they are now my browser AND e-mail client of choice. Thunderbird - their e-mail client has a built in spam controller that I purchased separately for Outlook (I used Qurb which was great). BTW, Zone Alarm Security Suite has a very high rating to help weed out the spyware and viruses, but you really need a Masters degree in Software in order to gain the best use of Zone Alarm (listing specific domains to prevent access).

Firebox is my browser of choice - infinitely better than MS Internet Explorer and since it will not allow or use ActiveX controls, it does not allow spyware to take over your computer. It is also open source that is constantly being updated and worked on to fight back on the spyware field. Thunderbird's spam catcher is not as good as Qurb that I used with Outlook, but it does learn as you pick those items that are junk mail. So the next time it downloads a couple hundred e-mails, only the ones that you really want to receive will appear in your inbox. It will quarantine the rest in a Junk folder which you should check. I've caught a few good mail that got through so you can't totally trust the software to filter out all junk.

Check the Mozilla site - their software is free and it has so many of the same features that Outlook has and will import your Outlook e-mail and address book and take over. It also has a rules "wizard" (called something else) that will filter your software and direct it to folders you want it to be saved in or to eliminate that which you don't consider junk, but might not wish to read certain topics.

Hope this helps. One more thing - I spent $40.00 for a replacement to my Windows Explorer that I really love. I've always hated the simplistic limitation of Windows Explorer as I was used to the old P.C. Tools and XTree Gold. The software is Novatix ExplorerPlus and this is a top notch file manager with built in zip and viewers for most documents, JPG, and MPEG files. Too bad it doesn't have a Volo type viewer for DWG files built in.


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