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STEEL: Welding of Steel Bar Grating

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I want some other opinions--I've already formed my own.

I've got a contractor who in erecting an open-web steel joist-supported floor welded the steel bar grating to the tops of the joists (i.e. the top chord) with little fillets (essentially fat tack welds). He claimed that he "likes that better" than any other method including saddle clips.

Seeing as how the grating isn't directly a structural item, I forebore comment (though I think it's a sloppy method of attachment myself). But I pointed out that he had not provided additional bridging for lateral stability as I had expected to see, and as I had implied ought to be provided by notes on my drawings (that is, I indicated on the drawings that the steel joist fabricator should provide means for lateral stability as they deemed necessary since the bar grating would not be considered as providing lateral support).

The contractor replied "well, that's why I welded the grating! You can't tell me that's not sufficient support!"

Of course I can, and I did. I tried to be diplomatic about it, saying that I did not think the fabricator would agree with him. His response was that he'd "get a letter from the joist fabricator stating that it was all right."

Still haven't seen such a letter going on the second week. Has anyone run into anything like this before? Implicit in the presence of the welded grating is the notion that certainly some lateral stiffness has been provided, but I don't believe that I've ever seen any provisions or any research to suggest that this is sufficient.

Chime in if you would.

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