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Unless something's changed in recent versions - that 'autosave' file will be named something like "$" (where the 'xxx' is a sequential number). These are just simply standard '.dwg' files and the 'sv$' extension can be changed back to '.dwg' and the drawing will open with no problem. I think these are (by default) placed in your Windows 'temp' directory - but you can change the place where AutoCAD places this (I've set up a 'acad temp stuff' directory for this).

I've recovered many drawings this way.

-- john.

p.s. I'd change that default save time (normally 120 minutes) back to something more sane - like 10 minutes or so - with systems today (i.e. fast), any interruption while it saves is negliable - and, worst case, you only lose 10 minutes worth of work.

Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:

Yes, I forgot to mention that you can recover if you have the autosave feature activated in Autocad as well as converting the BAK file to a DWG simply by changing the extension to DWG. Good suggestion - sorry I forgot about it as I was focusing on saving in a newer version that will cause problems.

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