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STEEL: Welding of Steel Bar Grating

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	To: Bill Polhemus,
	Bill Sherman wrote, "provided that I had some control over the no.
and size of welds as _well as weld quality_." [Emphasis mine].
	Harold Sprague was more explicit: "Another consideration is the
strong tendency for welders to cut the relatively thin sections that
comprise the top chords of bar joists. It is called "undercutting" or
	Harold, I think, is discussing full welds, not tack welds.
	There is a reason the AWS insists that tack welds be incorporated
into the final weld (unless approved by the engineer - you!); they are often
tacky, to coin a phrase. If the builder has provided tack welds, you may
have no top chord bracing nor grating holddown at all.
	You need to expend whatever political capital you have in this
project to get what is required for the floor, as it sounds like that is not
what has been provided so far.
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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