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(Fwd) Re: FW: Open Web Steel Joist Programs?

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Subject:        	Re: FW: Open Web Steel Joist Programs?
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On 3 Feb 2005 at 8:37, Stuart, Matthew wrote:

> I didn't see my post come through the server so I thought I would
> send it directly to you as well.
> Matthew Stuart
> Structural Dept. - Manalapan
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> From: Stuart, Matthew 
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> Subject: RE: Open Web Steel Joist Programs?
> Just out of curiosity, do you provide the manufacturer with panel
> point weld requirements or do they have standard shop welds that you
> have pre-approved?

Both.  Under the canadian system, all fabricators doing
any welding of structural steel have to be certified by
the Canadian Welding Bureau and have to have a retained
or staff engineer who prepares welding procedures to be
approved by the CWB.  If they have in-house procedures
for flare bevel welds of round bar, then they can use
their own shop welds. If they don't have them, I restrict
them to square/rect bars with fillet welds, or I will
prepare weld details for them to submit to CWB.
> Also, are you accustomed to the EOR providing you with net uplift
> forces (for roof applications) to enable the analysis of the bottom
> chord for compression or do you typically have to develop these
> loads yourself?

Both again. Some engineers do provide uplift forces and some lazy
types just say "design for forces in accordance with National 
Building Code of Canada".  Some do not even think of the uplift 
forces, and occasionally they make the blue pages(discipline cases) 
of the association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. Hope this 

Cheers Gary 

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