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Re: ACI 117

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With respect to the existing document,  it is extremely difficult to read because of the funky formatting.  Try being in a litigation with a short-tempered attorney, who randomly picks out line items and says "explain this one",  "explain why this one is necessary", "explain the purpose of this."
A lot of the items are fairly straightforward,  usually because they are taken from another reference such as the CRSI manual or ASTM C 94.  Other items are more obscure with numbers hanging out unattached to anything other than a lot of italics and ellipses.
The problem with the draft version is that apparently no one bothered to proof read it, leading to such interesting requirements as:
"14.6 - Concrete slump
For pipe with an internal diameter 42 in. (1.07 m) or less than or equal to 72 in. (1.83 m)"
I am still trying to figure out when 42 in. would be more than 72 in.
And  I'd probably up my estimate to 90% of the engineers designing buildings where ACI 117 is referenced have never seen it and have no idea how to use it.
Maybe there will be more responses that contradict me. 
Gail Kelley