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tilt-up concrete walls

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I have what I think would be an interesting question.
I have a tilt-up project that I'm working on.  So far, it's going pretty well - but I realized that I wasn't sure about distributing the in plane shears in the wall panels.  The panels are 22' tall with the roof diaphragm at roughly 19' (it varies with drainage).  At the plane of the roof diaphragm the panels are solid (no major openings) but the openings for the doors (which vary from 10' to 12') are placed such that each of the wall panels is "reasonably" different.  In other words, the openings are of differing heights and occur in different locations in each of the panels.  From the main elevation, the openings appear to be centered equally, but when you figure out where the panel joints are located, the openings are NOT in the same location for each panel. 
I had two thoughts.  One was that since the panels at the height of the diaphragm were solid and each virtually identical in length, the in plane shear would be distributed equally.  The other thought was that I should really think to distribute the shears based on the wall widths at the openings.
Obviously the first method would be (much) simpler but I wasn't sure that the second method would be much more accurate, if at all.  Any advice?
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