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Re: ACI 117

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Couldn't it also be argued that in the absence of specified tolerances the construction could be built as sloppy and irregular and oversized as lousy workmanship could make it, just so long as AT LEAST what is shown on the drawings is provided?  Such as an 8" thick wall that varies from 8" to 12" and back again, proper size columns that lean this way and that, floors like roller coasters, etc. 

Ralph Hueston Kratz
Structural Engineer
Richmond CA USA

In a message dated 2/4/05 11:57:39 PM, smaxwell(--nospam--at) writes:
If the contract specifications don't reference or specifically specify
some acceptable tolerances (ACI 117 or otherwise), doesn't that mean that
there are NO tolerances permitted?  After all if the code does not specify
permitted tolerances and the contract documents don't specify tolerances,
then does that not imply that the contractor must supply what is exactly
shown on the drawings and in the specifications (assuming that we ignore
the impractibility of that)?  For example, if rebar is called out to be at
5 in on center then must the contractor not supply rebar exactly at 5 in
on center, not 5 in on center plus or minus a little?  And yes, such an
expectation would be completely unrealistic, but then the contractor
should be smart enough to know that before signing the contract, eh?