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RE: ACI 117

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Mr. Stone,
Wow!!! A contractor who actuallly understand engineering specification (this is not TIC). 
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And thank you, Tom, for pointing out that ACI 318 should "only be used for design" (take a look at the eighth paragraph of the introduction to ACI 318)...301 is the right tool (properly referenced)....and the examples you give are the easy ones (reinforcing placement tolerances) which are easy to police and to satisfy everyone's expectation. The painful ones are embedment tolerances (steel column anchor bolts are embedments, tolerance is 1 inch per 117, AISC wants 1/4 inch) and form surfaces ("I wanted class A because it is a class A office building! And everything I do is First Class!! What? That is not what that means? Uh-oh...) and our all time favorites, floor profiles, slab elevations, and vertical alignment.


The new edition is available in draft form at the ACI website and it is indeed a proofreader's bad dream. Take a look, weigh in with any and all comments, although it might be too late for this cycle.



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