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Re: ACI 117

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GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

If you are referring to cylinder testing during construction, if YOU had bothered to read ACI 301, you will note that unless otherwise specified in the Contract Documents, the OWNER arranges and pays for this. All the contractor has to do is provide the owner's testing agency with access. And you're the owner's agent, no?

No, in fact the CONTRACTOR (idiotically enough) is the Owner's Representative on this job. The Owner has a sort of relationship with this particular Contractor and it's a kind of "reverse design-build" where the Contractor went out and got an architect, who got me.

The only reason the Contractor bothered with an architect and engineer is because there is a Building Code in this particular city.

And the city approves the drawings because it has an engineer's seal on it, and the Contractor then does pretty much whatever he wants to do after that. Yes, there is "inspection" after a fashion, but it is inept on the part of the city. By which I mean they will walk through and nod "okay," because the Owner is a big business there, and good will is wanted.

And yes, I'm aware that the Owner engages and pays for the testing. In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way since the testing agency then owes due diligence not to the Contractor but to the Owner, which is as it should be. The fact is that the Owners in our part of the world prefer low cost even if it means low building reliability.

I have found that engineers can usually get away with this kind of incompetence...

P.S. That's not the first time you've used that term in reference to me, Gail. As you don't really even know me, I'm at a loss as to why you are so free with the word.

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