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Re: ACI 117

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GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

This really doesn't seem to be too different from plan stamping. The drawings do not have "an engineer's seal" on them. They have YOUR engineer's seal on them. Then you are being paid to do ??? at the job site. As long as you get your fee, it's all good ? Is that why you were hired?
Gail Kelley

Whatever. Glad you have so much "stroke." Here in Texas, Engineers rank just below "laborer" in the esteem of the Contractor. And the law reinforces that.

My only recourse is to try to convince the Owner of his best interests. But he is usually far more convinced by the Contractor's exclamations of impending cost increases. The Owner will more typically side with the Contractor who will claim that the Engineer is "just trying to cover his *** even if it's going to cost you more."

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