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RE: Contract Language - Courts

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For a fee that small with an out of town client I will only do the work if I get paid in advance. If he balks at that he probably doesn’t intend to fully pay anyway.




From: Rich Lewis [mailto:sea(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 3:02 PM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Contract Language - Courts


I’m having a hard time putting my hand on the typical language where if you are going to have a court action it must occur in the court of a specific county, etc.  Does someone have that standard paragraph language?


I need it for a small project where my client is halfway across the country.  It is for a fee of less than $1k.  I know nothing about the person and I don’t want to have to try to file in an out of state court if needed to get my fee.  I don’t expect to have to do this, or I wouldn’t be working for the person, but, I would like language in my agreement to cover it should it be necessary.


On stickler is my standard agreement has a clause for mediation.  I would like to word it so that everything, except action for nonpayment of fee, must be mediated.  Does that sound reasonable?


Thanks for any insight.



Rich Lewis

Lewis Engineering