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Re: foundation on rock

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From my own experience, I would highly recommend that you start with a geologists report to find out if there is fissure or crack in the rock formation near where this project is planned and the possibility of slide based on the geologists historic study of the activity in the area. I've done this for large homes that I designed in the upper Topanga Canyon area - Saddle peak. Contact you local geotechnical who should be able to recommend or have a geologist on staff, but I would suggest a second opinion if you don't know the geologist.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

Casano, Karen wrote:

Fellow Engineers (especially those with a geotechnical bent):

What potential performance problems might you anticipate with placing a 12"
thick mat foundation (for a small structure) ON TOP OF an existing natural
grade?  Existing natural grade is mostly rock (very dense granite which
would require blasting to remove or trench into), some sedimentary rock and
compacted DG, no frost issues (southern CA). Compacted fill would be placed
around the finished perimeter of the mat to provide drainage.  Lateral loads
resisted by friction.

Karen E. Casano, SE
San Diego

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