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RE:Subject: foundation on rock

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If this engineer does not have a geotechnical engineer then my advise is to
get one.

The question was asked by a Karen Casano who works for the California
Department of General Services.  Thus this question is probably either
related to a plan check or to something designed in-house.  In the former
situation DSA has traditionally required a geotechnical engineer to much
smaller projects and thus should be able to ask him.  If it is an in-house
design that they are trying to do without a geotechnical engineer then It
seems as if there is a different standard applied to in-house projects.

In any case the issues require knowlewdge that I would not expect a SE to
have, thus it would be prudent for a geotechnical engineer to be consulted.
 Further it does not make sence to me to use a matt foundation on stiff
rock which would be all the more reason to consult with a geotechnical

Mark Gilligan

Ralph Krantzse wrote:

If he had a soil engineer would he be looking to us for advice? 


In a message dated 2/8/05 5:11:44 PM,
MarkKGilligan(--nospam--at) writes:

Given that there have been problems when rock has been exposed to the
elements I would discuss this with your geotechnical engineer.

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