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Re: Engineers and specifications

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On Feb 9, 2005, at 4:11 PM, JLand(--nospam--at) wrote:

 I agree that T1 should not be utilized in boiler
applications, maybe you needed A516 gr 70?
T1 is fine for pressure vessels, provided it meets the requirements of SA-517 gr F or other suitable grade. The problem was that we ordered T-1 not SA-517 gr F. We got T-1 which was what we said but not what we meant. The thing about specifications is that you can say what you mean in such a way that you have recourse, if your supplier screws up. You can also point to your specification and say that you can guarantee certain minimum mechanical properties, weldability, forming practices and tolerances in the material you received.

We didn't need SA-516 gr 70 we needed SA-517 Gr F to make sure our welds passed toughness tests.

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