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Re: WWR or WWF? (WAS: Capillary Breaks)

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GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

The Wire Reinforcement Institute wants it to be WWR because they feel that reinforcement sounds better than fabric. The change was implemented in ACI 318-05, which is now available. But here's another question, of all the people who use WRI literature to prove they are doing things right, do any of you have any idea who (or what) WRI is? I don't - it basically used to be one guy (Roy Reiterman). He's now kind of retired and living somewhere in the mid-West. WRI, however, is now in Hartford, California. There's another guy, Bob somebody in Arizona, that has some unclear involvement. If you don't know who any of these people are or what their qualifications are, why are you following their recommendations? Just a hypothetical question. Gail Kelley

It's whomever the association of fabricators--for that's who WWR as well as CRSI, PCI, PCA, PTI and the like really are after all--decides they want to fund.

You may recall that for some time the "technical branch" of the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) was one guy, Larry Luttrell, a professor at West Virginia University. He spent his life--still may be for all I know--destroying steel deck construction mock-ups to build the tables in the SDI Steel Diaphragm Design Manual.

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