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Re: Concrete Fibers

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CanitzCF(--nospam--at) wrote:

Why I'm wondering about this at 2200 hours on a Wednesday night is beyond me but here it is...

When placing/finishing concrete slabs that have concrete fibers distributed throughout, what's the technique to insure that the fibers do not reflect through the top surface? Earlier today, I saw a sidewalk panel where the top surface was "hairy" due to the amount of visible fibers.

Charlie Canitz, PE
Annapolis, MD

Typically this is considered to be a temporary phenomenon. The "hairs" will all become brittle and "rub off" under the effects of UV light. Obviously this is going to happen faster outdoors.

I've never figured out what they do about indoor slabs that are bare. The city insisted that the contractor add polypropylene fiber reinforcement to an unreinforced slab that I designed for a local mall space (I figured it didn't need it, I had more than enough contraction joints--theoretically at least). And I know that the surface was supposed to uncovered (though they put down polyurethane or something like that, I think, as a shiny floor finish).

The floor looked great when they were finished, so I guess it wasn't a big deal after all.

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