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Re: WRI? (was Re: WWR or WWF? (WAS: Capillary Breaks))

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In a message dated 2/10/2005 8:25:53 AM Eastern Standard Time, wilsonengineers(--nospam--at) writes:
FWIW, WRI's document "Design of Slab-on-Ground Foundations" is referenced by IBC 1805.8.2 as the guide to be used for designing slabs on ground.  It's not clear if the code means only for expansive soils  or not, though I suspect that is the intent.

Jim Wilson
Well,  my personal opinion is that this document is not worth a whole heck of a lot.  It is the in-house design procedure of some engineer in Texas (Houston?)  from quite some time ago. 
It got into the IBC because it was in the UBC. As far as I know, there were no real review/ testing/ public opinion poll before it went into the UBC.  Someone from WRI pitched it to UBC and someone at UBC said fine,  we need something to put in this section. 
Which is about the same for the PTI method for the design of slabs-on-ground.  The fact that it is in the UBC/IBC really means nothing as far as the quality of  its technical content. 
The fact that it is a code reference does mean  you may not get sued if you use it. But then again, you might.
Gail Kelley