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Re: ACI 117

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Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:

Pls clarify something for me.  In your previous posts,
I think you said there was no building code in Texas,
but some cities did have a building code.


Do the cities
write their own code(each different)or do they create a
common document or do they adopt some published comm-
ercial publication?

Typically they adopt a model code. In some instances the city will have amendments, but that isn't common.

If you are working in more than one
city, do you have to access more than one code?
Yes. In the Houston-Galveston area, it is not unusual to find the UBC, NBC (BOCA) and SBC along with both 2000 and 2003 IBC in effect.

   I can't imagine it, probably because we in Ontario
seem to be over-regulated.  On one my jobs-the
conversion of an old house to a commercial use, yester-
day, two inspectors and a plan examiner came to discuss
fire protection issues.
In the city of Houston you'll have one under-trained inspector make two, maybe three visits and sign off on everything.

They spend far more attention on landscaping and drainage than building issues.

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