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RE: Engineers and Specifications

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	Rick Stone wrote,

		"B. Leave formwork, for beam soffits, joists, slabs and
structural elements that supports weight of concrete in place until =
has achieved the following:
		1. 28-day design compressive strength
		2. At least 70 percent of 28-day design compressive

		The story goes around here that we once had to remake a
precast concrete beam for some mistake of ours. It was to be delivered and
erected soon after. The specification required that the concrete cure 28
days. The engineer told our general manager that we could not ship it even
though a 7-day break showed greater than the 28-day design strength.
		This kind of intolerance is not covered by ACI 117. :-)
	Jim Getaz
	Precast Engineer
	V: 540-665-3204
	F: 540-665-3250

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